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Who we are

Regenesis is a pioneer in the field of regenerative Development -- partnering  people and their place to  regenerate ecosystems, economies, and the human spirit.


Who we are

"The Regenesis work articulates a fundamental approach to planning (and living). I appreciate all the time, thought and heart that you've all put into making your work so provocative and coherent, inviting and inspiring."

Karen Buckley, Principal
Communicore Consulting

Regenesis specializes in a living systems, place-based approach to planning, design, development, and education.

Founded in 1995, Regenesis is based in Santa Fe, NM with offices in Massachusetts and Arizona. Our clients include owners, developers and design professionals, communities, government and land stewardship agencies, and educational institutions.

We are a coalition of experienced design, land-use planning, business and development professionals.  We bring years of experience in Permaculture design and education, integrative design and green building, organization development, and process design and management. Our interdisciplinary teams are "expert generalists" all committed to your success in regenerative planning, land-use and development.

Regenesis is a founding member of the 

Alliance for Regeneration


The Regenesis Team

Joel Glanzberg brings a background as naturalist, Permaculture designer and educator, and green builder. His work includes regenerative development, restoration, and agriculture assessment, planning and design.

Ben Haggard, Permaculture designer and educator, helps develop models of thinking that integrate ecological and living systems approaches with large-scale development and regional planning.


Pamela Mang, has worked in multi-cultural and multi-lingual settings, helping project teams and community groups build  living systems thinking skills, holistic planning processes and  integrative strategies for regenerative development.

Tim Murphy, pioneer in whole-system site assessment and Permaculture; creates integrated, regenerative designs for small and large-scale development and agriculture projects.

Bill Reed, architect, integrative design, green building & LEED pioneer; designs, facilitates and manages integrative, whole-systems design processes; embedding evolutionary capability into design, construction, & engagement with our environment.

Nicholas Mang PhD, is a community educator, organizer. He specializes in regenerative urban planning and regional stewardship initiatives that grow out of a deep understanding of place.

Carol Sanford, Interoctave CEO, is a respected international speaker and business consultant, helps businesses and organizations build the capability to achieve non-displace-ability in their markets, grow developmental leaders, and embed strategically focused regenerative practices into daily work.


Ashley Nielsen, PhD, founder of Living Education, LLC, is an ecopsychologist, adjunct faculty member, and educational development consultant. She facilitates holistic education design for living and regenerative education; integrating the place, students, culture, organization and structures, and learning process into a harmonious living system.


Shannon Murphy, Business Manager, brings a background in business administration and infrastructure design to support the Regenesis staff on projects and at the client interface.

Regenesis Group, Inc.   1219 Luisa Street, Suite 5 Santa Fe, NM 87505   505.986.8338
IN BOSTON: 20 Woodland Street Arlington, MA 02476 781.394.4671 • IN ARIZONA: 10451 Rock Creek Lane Pearce, AZ 85626 520.824.3465
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